REQUEST to Designer News team: Filter Top Stories

almost 4 years ago from , Creative at Noak

How neat wouldn't it be if we could filter Top Stories by:

  • Now (as it is ..now)
  • Past Week
  • Past Month
  • And maybe All Time

The infamous "fear of missing out" would be considerably smaller for many including myself, since you can rewind the most important stories for the past week etc.

Regarding if it would actually make the "feared" users drop in daily traffic, ill doubt it.. and even then it would still be a "user first" feature to implement.


  • Account deleted almost 4 years ago (edited almost 4 years ago )

    I believe there is a little happy-looking icon dude/dudette at the bottom of the page where they have asked us a handful of times to use of this very purpose (requesting features, passing on ideas to make DN better, posting bugs, etc)!

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