Ask DN: Where can I find collaboration side project opportunities online?

5 years ago from , Video Game UX Design Lead. Formerly at Bungie, Crytek, now at Carbine Studios.

I'm looking to collaborate on a project in my free time.

I was wondering if there are any "go-to" places for that sort of thing that I'm not aware of.


  • Aaron MoodyAaron Moody, 5 years ago

    Something like builtitwith.me sounds like what you're after?


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  • Sir KailaSir Kaila, 5 years ago

    chimp my friend, how about you open up a bestworscht sausage place over there in seattle? getting the sausage ux right is a challenge. get some hobbits selling it for you in daytime. could be some reallife ux and would be getting away from the computer after work. Think about all the different tastes you could invent. cheers from frankfurt

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  • Noah BuscherNoah Buscher, 5 years ago

    Hey, guys! We launched Meeet a while back but found ourselves out of time to work on it.

    We're almost done with a totally re-designed version, coded from the ground up to be the best possible platform dedicated to helping you find the perfect designer or dev for a side project.

    Oh - and the platform will be 100% open source as well. ;)

    You can follow us on Twitter here (https://twitter.com/meeetco) to be notified of when we launch this spring!

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  • Vipin KVipin K, 5 years ago

    Following, would love to!

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