• Chris CChris C, over 5 years ago

    There's literally no mention of Safety on the site unless you are referring to the anonymity which is privacy... and the messaging on this site is all over the place to boot. I don't see how this would make dating more 'fun' as they propose or 'safer' in any way.

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  • Mark Michon, over 5 years ago

    I'd argue that it's a relationship app and not a dating app, since all the content seems to center around advice on current relationships. I don't see any features that make it more or less safe. If anything, anonymity makes people more inclined to be terrible human beings (See: the internet). I think the app's messaging is confusing as to who it is for.

    I'm guessing you're asking because of their "inner circle" features they mention, which sound like friends and friends of friends from other apps. I have many female friends that have gone on dates with someone that is a facebook friend of someone they trust, and you know what happened? Crazy people.

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