MacBook Pro Issue

over 4 years ago from , Artist

I just had a chat with the customer support of Apple Inc.. I am really amazed by how fast and professional they act and help.

I’ve had the following issue with my Macbook Pro - what I need everyday to work as a digital nomad. As I thought the screen is a little bit dirty I took a micro-faser tissue and tried to gently clean it. Unfortunately the stains didn’t disappeared. No, they even got worse!! So I checked it in the sunlight and of course in lower light and it got me the feeling of like a missing foil who hides the reflection of the screen.

Not considered long I decided to surf the internet about this issueand I found this: http://www.macworld.com/article/2994479/macbooks/report-apple-will-replace-retina-macbook-pro-screens-with-bad-coating.html

They're talking about "anti-reflective coating on the screen glass“ and that MacBook Pro owners will get this replaced by Apple!

I was like „Hell Yeah“ !

Unfortunately there was no link or source of this promise but I just jumped to the apple support page to research that myth. I clicked me through a few questions and „lied“ once to get an 1-on-1 chat with somebody.

My chat-mate was really nice and caring! Alicia could absolutely understand my situation and helped in less than 10 minutes. Attached you will find a photo of the chat history.

She organized an date for fixing my MacBook Pro in a store close to me and even asked me if it’s better on the weekend!

I am really thankful for that nice and fast service and so I told I will write an article on my blog about it.

Thank you Apple for being still so caring and fast in support even when your customers don’t have the „protection plan“ or anything else. With this mind I am looking forward to get my MacBook Pro repaired this week.