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One of the most frequently-suggested pieces of feedback we get here at Designer News has been how awful the search is. We hear you: search has been in disarray for quite some time now. That's why we're extremely happy to announce that we've just launched an update to the site's search functionality.

After some re-jiggering of our integration with Swiftype, here's what's new:

  • Results now return actual relevant information, instead of random snippets of page copy.
  • You can now filter your search to the type of content you're looking for, including users, stories, comments, and products.
  • Stories and comments can be sorted by date.

This is just the start. We'll be continuously refactoring search and fine-tuning indexed content going forward to make it easier to use, and more relevant to what you're looking for. We'd love to hear your feedback about how we can improve our search and the rest of DN. Just leave a comment, or shoot me an email directly.

Lastly: shout-out to Swiftype for supporting the community by providing us with an amazing search platform!

Go on, get searching.


  • Jonathan ShariatJonathan Shariat, almost 5 years ago

    Glad to hear it!

    I hope it solves the "Oh yeah wasn't there a post about that on DN I read a while back?" problem I keep having but cant solve.

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  • James McGill, almost 5 years ago (edited almost 5 years ago )

    Results now return actual relevant information, instead of random snippets of page copy.

    Image alt

    But really, this is great. It would be awesome to sort the results as well (e.g., popularity, date, etc..)

    Edit: Nvm... you can.

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  • Tom WoodTom Wood, over 4 years ago

    Works so much better.

    One request from me: It would be great for a Story to show the number of upvotes and comments associated to it, as that can often indicate the quality of the result.

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  • Matthew KosloskiMatthew Kosloski, almost 5 years ago

    Nicely done! You guys should add a section to everyone's profile that shows the stories up voted. I would like to have a place to look back after up voting a story.

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  • Dominik PoradaDominik Porada, almost 5 years ago

    The results look differently, but the search engine still seems broken.

    In most cases, I use the search to see if something had been posted previously. I tried to look for remote (the title of my latest story contains that word) and didn’t find it on the first two pages. I’m not sure what relevant means here.

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    • Jody HeavenerJody Heavener, over 4 years ago

      Hey Dominik! Thanks for the feedback. The term "remote" is pretty broad, especially in our industry, so if you were looking for previous stories with it, you might need to use more specific parameters. For example, I found your story by filtering to Stories and sorting by Newest. Hope that helps!

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      • Dominik PoradaDominik Porada, over 4 years ago

        You’re probably right—the term is board. I guess fine-tuning should also take the default filtering option into the equation. ✌️

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  • Andrew Parker, almost 5 years ago

    Just another little problem I noticed this morning - search for a keyword, filter by stories, then sort by newest; when you go to next page the sort ordering has been lost.

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  • Ricardo NunesRicardo Nunes, almost 5 years ago

    So so so so awesome! A couple of months ago I went up to page 20ish something trying to find an article and I gave up. With the exact same string, It showed as the second link on the search. Thank you so much.

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  • Surjith S MSurjith S M, almost 5 years ago (edited almost 5 years ago )

    Everything fine except the gigantic dropdown font-size.

    Edit: Also, searching for user, returns two results of the same one. one with /u/ and other with /users/

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    • Jody HeavenerJody Heavener, over 4 years ago (edited over 4 years ago )

      Ouch - you're right it's huge! Will fix that shortly. And good find, will exclude the /u/ path. Thanks!

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  • Johnson VinoJohnson Vino, almost 5 years ago

    Loved it... Long time waiting for this feature.. now found the result i want in Dn

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  • Hayden MillsHayden Mills, almost 5 years ago

    Thanks works great!

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  • Nathaniel PeralesNathaniel Perales, almost 5 years ago

    This is awesome guys! Thank you!

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