Ask DN: Help with a sideproject - submit your preferred free fonts

4 years ago from , Product designer

Hello DN,

Recently I started a side project called Free Font Stack. The project is simple; collect quality and free fonts that you can use without attribution in your personal or personal and commercials projects.

As you may have deduced I need to collect as much quality fonts as I can, and thats why I need help. I created a Google Form to submit font's here http://goo.gl/forms/z4SiEWmcJA

As I say, it's important that the fonts don't need any attribution but to try to thank the authors who share the work without expecting anything in return one important thing is let the users donate some bucks, so if you are the author put the link to your PayPal Me account to receive some love. Anyway I will try to contact with all the authors to get the correct link.

Many many many thanks to all for advance, and if you have any recomendations, write a comment below or send and email to freefontstack [at] gmail [.] com

PD: I'm not english native, sorry for all the misspellings and aberrations.