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almost 7 years ago from , co-founder mobiusbobs inc.

Hello Designer News community,

We launched our own take of video blogging for iOS.

We feel there is "experience gap" waiting to be explored, something in between Youtube and Vine (at the two extremes). I think there two key elements that we have been trying to design for, viz. mobility and conversation continuity.

Please give it a try: http://taps.io/moneiOS

Would love to hear feedbacks and see what you think about (form/function)! Jimi


  • Ian De DobbelaereIan De Dobbelaere, almost 7 years ago

    Looks a lot similar to the "Storie" app. I think Louis cole co-founded the app not sure though. If you don't know Louis Cole he has like almost 2 million subscribers he is also a daily vlogger and all the "cool" vloggers used the app when it came out but the app is slowly dying i think. Unless you do something game changing i think Waffles isn't going to be out there for long. Louis Cole had all his vlogging buddies advertise the app, combine all those audiences you are well over 10 million people and even still the app couldn't maintain the audience, but wish you all the luck.

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    • jimi wen, almost 7 years ago

      Hi Ian,

      Thanks for the comments.

      Storie is a very coop app. Steven Chen of Youtube is actually our angel investor, we had many brainstorming session, intense debates on what a mobile-video mode of interaction could become.

      As big as Youtube has become, it is more of a de facto directory of videos, that has progressed from the desktop paradigm. The mobility of Youtube is more augmented rather than "designed for. Just moving the Youtube model into a smartphone is probably not going to work.

      Our ideal mobile video interaction is a more distributed atmosphere, less asymmetry between creators vs audience, more frequent encounter of goodness.

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  • Marcel ChristianisMarcel Christianis, almost 7 years ago (edited almost 7 years ago )

    Very Interesting!

    Lately the vlogging has been led by daily vloggers on YouTube such as Casey Neistat, Jesse Wellens, Roman Atwood and more vloggers on YouTube taking vlogging to a whole new level, sharing their content each day to millions of subscribers.

    I personally began to admire vlogging and look up to daily vlogs that they put up every day on YouTube.

    Sometimes as viewers, we wanted to vlog like them but lack the knowledge, tools, expertise, time. With this in mind, will this app allow users to create vlogs of their (those YouTubers) quality? Will vloggers like them able to use this app as their main vlogging platform? And more importantly, will this app allow us to share ideas the way those vloggers share theirs?

    Thank you! Very excited about this app and will look forward to how it grows :)

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    • jimi wen, almost 7 years ago

      Thank you for the feedback Marcel!

      I think one key difference of Waffles to YouTubers is that we feel there is an underserved audience who wants mobility and conversation. In Waffles, we want to create a community where there is less pressure to post-produce. Users just share what is interesting around them without scripts and lots of editing.

      Another analogy is comparing forums to social networks to messengers. We view quicker exchanges of inspiration, supports, critics etc. Where shorter videos are loosely connect into longer narratives or conversations. I believe this fits the mobile-driven behavioural shift.

      The next development will be the discovery once we accumulate more content than a simple list will do.

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      • Marcel ChristianisMarcel Christianis, almost 7 years ago

        Thanks for sharing the philosophy behind this! Agreed with every point.

        Talking about mobile-driven behaviour and quicker exchanges of stories, how does Waffles compares to Snapchat Story? In terms of functionality, I feel there are some overlaps.

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        • jimi wen, almost 7 years ago

          Hi Marcel, Thanks for the reply.

          Yes there are some overlaps with Snapchat Story. I would say Snapchat is on the other end of the spectrum (Compared to Youtube the directory). Snapchat is mobile and ephemeral, and have definitely reimagined/anticipated what mobility is.

          We view Snapchat (Story) as a message-first, (Snapchat) form bound, hence their inherent discovery is somewhat constraint. While ephemerality and fear-of-missing-out is definitely interesting take on mobility, of content, of communication. We think there are other dimension of mobility to be designed. Stay tuned for more updates.

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          • Marcel ChristianisMarcel Christianis, almost 7 years ago

            "We feel there is "experience gap" waiting to be explored, something in between Youtube and Vine (at the two extremes)."

            Will look forward how you will explore this gap!

            Thanks for the reply :)

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            • jimi wen, almost 7 years ago

              Thanks for the encouragement.

              Although it is easier and easier to push product development out faster, it is still not as instant as our ideas comes out (aaargh!!). There are just so many things to be tried out and tested. I guess the mobility of product is not quite at the mobility of content yet.

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