• Ed AdamsEd Adams, almost 8 years ago

    A lot of these aren't very good quality and without good content this blog won't have any value.

    In particular, this is dreadful:


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    • , almost 8 years ago

      It's all pretty subjective, but I'll take the feedback. Do you have any examples that you think would be worthy to showcase?

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      • Ed AdamsEd Adams, almost 8 years ago (edited almost 8 years ago )

        I don't have any good examples, but with respect I haven't started up a blog showing off the best of Mac app design... :)

        Honestly, if you want this to be a successful curated collection of app design, you need to have an eye for what's good.

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        • , almost 8 years ago

          And I do, though I'm hoping to get a sense of why you find my current finds to be low-quality, and what sort of examples might catch your eye instead. The whole goal of the blog is to initiate discussion on the look and feel of Mac apps in general.

          If you've designed a Mac app/concept yourself that is superior to those being shown on the blog, I'd love to feature it.

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          • Connor NorvellConnor Norvell, almost 8 years ago

            Keep it up, you can't appease everyone, as you go you'll find designs that more people like, I liked a lot of the designs but not all of them, its subjective as you said.

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      • Louis-André LabadieLouis-André Labadie, almost 8 years ago

        It's all pretty subjective


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  • David ÖhlinDavid Öhlin, almost 8 years ago

    How about this but with actual apps? That would be awesome.

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  • Jeff Marshall, almost 8 years ago

    It should be noted that none of these are actual mac apps.

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    • , almost 8 years ago

      Thanks, I added the word 'concept' to the blog description to add some clarity. I'm planning on mixing real apps with concepts in there. The hope is to get people thinking about Mac app design, which could use some attention.

      Feel free to send in any suggestions to desktopfruit@gmail.com.

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