• Dana (dmxt)Dana (dmxt), over 3 years ago (edited over 3 years ago )

    Broken search engine

    Edit: 32 upvotes and 3 comments, and this kind of submission? That's suspicious, isn't it?

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    • Ahmet Sulek, over 3 years ago

      hey, thanks for letting us know, we have no clue now why our system skipped indexing some articles, we are now looking into that. the engine is still useful, I'm personally using it for discovering jquery plugins and competitor tracking, so I can hardly say it's broken, but according to your feedback we'll be fixing the issue.

      yesterday there was a topic about DN's search performance and I think everybody made their comments under that topic. if you are also meaning that the upvotes are fake, I invite DN moderators to take a look into that.

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      • Dana (dmxt)Dana (dmxt), over 3 years ago

        Okay, it was my first and last search query on this search engine, so that's why I had that kind of impression. Did you find out why system skipped certain type of search query?

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        • Ahmet SulekAhmet Sulek, over 3 years ago (edited over 3 years ago )

          we indexed words with max chars. of 10 :) "inspiration" has 11, now re-indexing for 16. thanks for giving us the notice!

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  • Dustin CartwrightDustin Cartwright, over 3 years ago

    This is the type of search these networks should have. The ability to filter by popularity, relevance, and time is absolutely essential. Please keep developing this, throw non-intrusive ads on it if you must. It's great.

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