• Jack BachJack Bach, almost 2 years ago

    Getting investment is a double edged sword, it can help, but most times it often hinders the product. The focus shifts to growth instead of serving the current user base.

    Happy to see more and more products choosing not to look for investment.

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    • William ChannerWilliam Channer, almost 2 years ago (edited almost 2 years ago )

      Thanks! Yup, it can be a big time waster. We're hoping the community will support us when we launch Panda 5 with some plus features :)

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      • Hypno BuddhaHypno Buddha, almost 2 years ago (edited almost 2 years ago )

        Panda is fantastic and I'll definitely support you should you go the subscription route.

        When are these "plus" features going to be available?

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  • Jaswant Singh, almost 2 years ago

    <3 Panda. My biggest time sink ever. No regrets.

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