• Vinicius Dias, 7 years ago

    Its amazing! Great product, so much better than all the other tools that I'd used. Wish I could import a bunch of items at a time. :)

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    • Bertrand Bruandet, 7 years ago

      Thanks Vinicius, we really appreciate! You mean you want to import items from another service like delicious, pocket ?

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  • Simon CarrascoSimon Carrasco, 7 years ago

    super cool!! I try it since yesterday, I totally love it. The desktop/ipda/mobile screencap are really cool

    the only issue I have is that for some website the plugin (chrome) doesn't work — it just endless think/load and it never launch the selection folder section...

    It's maybe an issue with my computer, because for exemple I couldn't saved thisalso.com that IS one of your exemple of your landing page :P

    what can I do about it ?

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    • Bertrand Bruandet, 7 years ago (edited 7 years ago )

      Hello Simon!

      We know that issue and your computer is not the issue, don't throw it (yet). You can find pages from thisalso.com in hypershoot, the reason that you can't save it is because we made changes which creates issues with some websites since. That's something we're gonna fix asap.

      Do not hesitate to contact us by mail or twitter if you have other concerns, it's easier :)

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