LiveView vs Duet Display

over 5 years ago from , Founder @Claan

Duet Display offers a discount of 50% for a limited time. I was wondering if somebody has used it before and how it compares to LiveView? It basically should be possible to perform the same task, correct?

What are the pro / cons of LiveView vs Duet Display?


  • Sem SchilderSem Schilder, over 5 years ago

    Its great if you have a new ipad. Olders ipads do have a lower resolution and lighting is a little bit faster. I sometimes use it on my iphone 6s Plus if I really need the space. Overall I really like Duet Display.

    Never used LiveView, so you have to wait for somebody else.

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    • Andreas Eberharter, over 5 years ago

      We use LiveView to preview iOS app designs or websites on the devices. But from what I understand, this should be possible with Duet Display as well, plus you can interact with the screen.

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