• Joe CJoe C, almost 5 years ago

    Anyone know of any similar products that are available in the UK?

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    • Dan SherrattDan Sherratt, almost 5 years ago

      Mattress-wise I'm looking to Made.com for a pocket sprung memory foam for about £400 which seems pretty good.

      Full service like this though I have no idea.

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  • Jeff HilnbrandJeff Hilnbrand, 5 years ago

    That perspective-scroll effect is pretty engaging. Only wish it was 60 FPS.

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  • Dennis EusebioDennis Eusebio, 5 years ago (edited 5 years ago )

    I'm a fan of Tuft & Needle. But I'm a bit biased :) http://www.tuftandneedle.com

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  • Chris SeedsChris Seeds, 5 years ago

    Good read on the making of the page http://destroytoday.com/writings/building-the-casper-homepage/

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  • David KlawitterDavid Klawitter, 5 years ago

    Does anyone have one of these? I'm flooded with ads for them but they look like an IKEA mattress. Is there magic in this mattress?

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    • A Paul, 5 years ago

      All their advertising with "exclusive" promo codes, combined with how basic everything looks, leads me to believe it's just a big scam.

      But their website and branding do a good job of selling it.

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      • Account deleted 5 years ago

        I have one and it's the best sleep. I used to have trouble with my arm falling asleep on my other normal mattress, not anymore! Also in NYC they delivered same day.

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    • Luca Candela, 5 years ago

      I just bought my second (went from queen to king). They are good, comfortable, heavy and lack handles which makes them a tad hard to move.

      For the price it's the best mattress out there, period.

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    • Sam SolomonSam Solomon, 5 years ago (edited 5 years ago )

      I closely considered it, but went with the Leesa because it felt firmer. Both are great Mattresses and I don't think you'll go wrong with either one. They a mile better than any of the other mattresses I've been on before. https://www.leesa.com/

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    • Evan BrandEvan Brand, 5 years ago

      I have been sleeping on a king casper mattress for about a little more than a month and it's great. At first it was kinda weird because my old memory foam mattress just sunk in and this one does not, it holds your back (or however you sleep) very nicely.

      It literally only took one night for my back to get used to it and ever since then I haven't waken up to my back feeling like I just slept on the floor. It leaves me feeling well rested, which my old mattress never ever did (but to be fair I had my old one for about 4 years and a few months).

      I know you can send them back before 100 or so days if you don't like it but I don't see anyone getting it back in that box it ships in...

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    • Steve Berry, 5 years ago

      They are great! I have 2 of them. One for my bed and the other for our guest bed. I have had similar foam mattresses from IKEA before and they do not even come close to the support and comfort of a Casper mattress.

      Full disclosure I did UX consulting for them last year.

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