Ask DN: Your Fav. Sites of 2015?

almost 5 years ago from , Lead Designer

Here's mine:

• Bloomberg.com - The Bloomberg team consistently pushes web design into niche & crazy corners and I love it

• Wired.com - This one grew on me overtime and stands out in a great way from everyone else

• Artsy.net - A great art commerce site that I visit frequently

• Fuzzco.com - Get weird

• Work.co - Fresh simplicity and unexpected transitions... annnd they made https://www.virginamerica.com/

• Gyrosco.pe - Holy sh*t

• KFC.com - Straight forward with some of that quirky personality

• Dogstudio.be - Badass

• Stripe.com/connect - Stripe is consistently launching progressive landing pages and I learned some great things this year about animation from https://twitter.com/bdc

• Samuel-Medvedowsky.com - A great portfolio site... that has already been blatantly ripped off

• Robinman.com - Innovative, but simple portfolio site

• Epicurrence.com - Rad