Show DN: Little StarWars(tm)Like Ship Customiser

almost 6 years ago from , Curious Computational Designer

Disclaimer: This is a test.

Beyond this link is a funky little geometric spaceship customiser (yes, riding the star wars bandwagon).

What's the scope? I am doing basic usability research into how much customisation parameters are useful and/or are used.

Why? In (architectural) design, there's plenty of parametric modelling software (google for grasshopper3d or autodesk dynamo, for example), yet there's little research into how to communicate a "flexible design" towards non-technical users. We're always stuck with presenting "finite" objects, loosing all or much of the detail of the "parametric space" which we actually design.

Not frightened away? Here you go (you'll at least be graced with some fancy bloom effect):

StarWars(tm)Like Space Ship Customiser 2.0