Which type of portfolio is best for those designers under a NDA contract?

7 years ago from , Visual Designer at Skype

I wonder what designers that work full-time under NDA do to showcase their work and identity.

  • Do you think a website with only contact information is enough?
  • Do you just showcase old projects?
  • Do you focus on writing articles that show your ideas without showing actual comps?

I'm in the process of redesigning my portfolio, it's got 2 years old already and I realised most of my recent big projects can't be sown publicly.


  • Gerry MurphyGerry Murphy, almost 7 years ago

    Id have thought if most of the work for NDA there would be a chance of repeat work or recommendations from it? Majority of my NDA projects have been a constant source of income since the project has started with referrals to other departments within that company or passed over to another business interest of the MD.

    So id say website with contact information is good enough, it's all down to how you want to be seen and how you decide to get work, and if you see your portfolio as a vital bit of kit to gain more work.

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  • Noah CollinsNoah Collins, almost 7 years ago

    Prospective clients and employers need to see our work, period. Two things I do:

    1. Document your process. From conceptual all the way to comp if you can. This is a huge win, even if you only do it for a single project. It gives viewers a very clear understanding of how you approach a new design challenge. Articles and blog posts can be a big part of this as well.

    2. If you're so inclined, you're within your rights to display NDA work in a portfolio once you've sufficiently redacted and modified the sensitive/identifying parts. That's relatively easy for me since I mostly do UI and front-end development. A little more effort would be required if you're doing identity or other branding.

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