Redesigning an online Pet Store.

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So I have been asked to redesign a pet store which I have never done. I recently designed a furniture eCom which is : store.featherlitefurniture.com They had absolutely no online presence and a huge demand for their products so designing something clean which did the job wasn't a task except the custom configuration for a workstations : store.featherlitefurniture.com/workstations

But this client(www.pawsthepetstore.com) wants to increase the revenue and beat the competition (dogspot.in) and become the leader in the market. I did come up with a couple of ideas which can BECOME their USP like home grooming for pets but when I think of a new design I am still confused as to what problem I should solve as redesigning is easy but redesigning by solving a problem is quite a task.

Would love to have your views on the same. :)



  • Mark KelsoMark Kelso, 4 years ago

    From having a quick look through the site I think the client needs more than just a redesign, it needs to be better optimised for SEO, especially the inner pages.

    Before I would even start mocking up a design I would ask to see the analytics, this will allow you to get a better understanding of how people are using the website, are people searching for products or are they searching by pet type? I would also install something like http://www.inspectlet.com/?u=glazedigital and watch customers use the website..

    On Ecommerce websites its all about conversion which is what you client wants. For him to become the leader he needs to focus on optimising the website as well as doing some content marketing which will entice people in.

    A Few Ideas

    • Build a blog around shareable content
    • Focus on individual Pets, what I mean by this is when you click into Dogs, it is not just limited to products, it gives you tips and advice on how to train, look after a dog etc.
    • Support Local groups, like dog walking clubs or trainers, get them to do interviews online and blog about it
    • Have an Ask Section where people can Ask questions and get them answered.
    • Build a personality around the Paws, maybe a paws character that can be used through email, social and web presence. Similar to how Mialchimp have the chimp character.

    These are just a few tips I think could work, Hope that helps...

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    • Alson KawAlson Kaw, 4 years ago

      Love Inspectlet, been a faithful user of them. Highly recommend. It even has a free plan too!

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  • Thomas Delange, 3 months ago

    That is cool. I plan to turn my personal blog too into online store. Don't know if this can work out. It is about pitbulls care.

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  • Melanie Griffin, 3 months ago

    As I understood, this site doesn't work anymore. It's a pity. I'm looking for a good pet supplies store. My friend suggested me trying Pet Express. He likes it because of the lower prices and a possibility to read the information about the meds that are sold there. Also it offers a good blog. But it would be great to have several sources to choose from. Any suggestions?

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