Growing The Sticky9: App By Designing A Slick User Experience

over 7 years ago from , TheAppGuy

If you haven’t heard of Sticky9! That is soon about to change. Created in 2011, a startup dedicated to turning Instagram snaps into fridge Magnets, Sticky9 has quickly developed into a globally loved website transforming users’ pictures into a wide range of personalised products. Lean has been serene for Sticky9, following the gospel of “The Lean Startup” they’ve been experimental in development, keeping their resources low cost, minimising output until they’ve struck gold.

The lean dream continued this year when Sticky9 further infiltrated their Millennial market by building a new App, bringing their services even closer to their audience’s photos. The App allowed Sticky9 to quickly delve into and test new geographies and new paid marketing channels such as Instagram. Taking customer feedback on board and updating the App to suit their ever changing Millennial needs Sticky9 are now acquiring 1500 installs a day and are active in over 15 countries.

Graham Hobson, (Sticky9 MD and Photobox Co-Founder) said of the App “We’re incredibly pleased with the Sticky9 App and how it’s developed. We’ve taken a very low cost, lean approach and we are delighted with the results.”

Download the Sticky9 App by searching for it in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store