• Rasmus ErikssonRasmus Eriksson, over 5 years ago

    Is it trendy to buy people's favourite mail apps and kill them, or what?

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    • Clay MacTavishClay MacTavish, over 5 years ago

      Yup. Google does this often. It's part of the startup world. They purchase the product or user base and place the employees on the roof for a year until they quit or let them go.

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  • Tristam GochTristam Goch, over 5 years ago

    What a shame. Mailbox really hit the sweet spot for me when it was working.

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  • Account deleted over 5 years ago

    All these new email products are the same. They all follow the exact same approach and do not provide anything fresh or new to this method of communication. Simply providing a better UI is not going to be enough and these types of product will continue to die.

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  • Jim SilvermanJim Silverman, over 5 years ago

    great acquisition.

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  • Pedro PintoPedro Pinto, over 5 years ago

    Sad news. Which is the best alternative to Mailbox?

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    • Jody HeavenerJody Heavener, over 5 years ago (edited over 5 years ago )

      I switched to AirMail 2 the other day. Love it. Hardest part was not using Enter to Archive the message. Best part for me is composing using Markdown.

      Also, on iOS I went from Mailbox to... dare I say it... Outlook. Works great.

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    • Mattan IngramMattan Ingram, over 5 years ago

      If you use Gmail I would say Inbox. Has most of the same features although no desktop app. Personally I hate desktop email apps so that's not a problem for me.

      Inbox has transformed email for me. I used to painfully sort and filter everything in Gmail and Inbox has shown me how unnecessary that is. Now I actually reach Inbox Zero on a regular basis and it's marvelous.

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      • Brian A.Brian A., over 5 years ago

        FYI for anyone considering Inbox: it's not yet compatible with business accounts (or at least it was this way last I checked).

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      • Tristam GochTristam Goch, over 5 years ago

        Also FYI to anyone using Inbox: we've seen two invoices go missed recently thanks to its bundling/auto-filtering feature :/

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        • Nathaniel PeralesNathaniel Perales, over 5 years ago (edited over 5 years ago )

          What I've done to combat this issue is turn off bundling in the inbox. I already have filters for promotions and social to get archived immediately, so normally things that come in the inbox are only things that I need. And then about once every other day I go into All Mail and see if there's anything that I might have missed.

          But generally I love Google Inbox, I use it with Mailplane on the Mac. The only problem is on iOS it doesn't show me a notification number on the icon for how many messages are in the inbox. Only the number of unread messages. Which, for me, I use my email as a general to do list, so if there's no number there I won't look at my email. Because of this, I use "Spark" on my iPhone and then Google Inbox on my Mac. It seems to be working well so far. I'm patiently waiting for Spark on the Mac.

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      • Nicolas ElizagaNicolas Elizaga, over 5 years ago

        I've been enjoying Inbox + Mixmax together: https://mixmax.com/

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        • anibal ramos, over 5 years ago

          alt text This x1000. Old sparrow user here. Took the plunge and went to inbox thanks to mixmax features. Love it.

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    • Daniel GoldenDaniel Golden, over 5 years ago


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    • Brandon Foo, over 5 years ago

      I'm working on a new product called Polymail that has the beautiful UI of Mailbox + the best email productivity tools like Email Tracking, Send Later, Undo Send, and Contact Profiles!

      We're in private Alpha right now but if anyone here is interested DM me your email on Twitter and I'll be happy to add you to our next release :)

      Here's a little preview:

      Image alt

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    • Veer Abheek Singh Manhas, over 5 years ago

      CloudMagic will be deployed near the end of this year. Gotta try that too!

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    • Jacob TaylorJacob Taylor, over 5 years ago

      Googles Inbox is basically a Google clone of Mailbox. I quite like it. But if you don't use Gmail, I dunno.

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  • Laurens SpangenbergLaurens Spangenberg, over 5 years ago

    I feel it sad when awesome startups that solve actual problems join a large company to end working on products only management seems to care about.

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  • Tony GinesTony Gines, over 5 years ago

    Can't say I'm surprised. If it's any help, here's my setup so far:

    iOS – Spark is an awesome replacement and owned by readdle so it should have some staying power for a bit. This app is easily my favorite iOS mail app since Mailbox, and I've tried a few.

    Mac – AirMail seems to be fairly solid. Been using it for a couple of years now without any real complaints. Pretty fast dev updates as well.

    Biggest thing for me when looking at a client is their support for other accounts besides gmail and icloud. Both of the above support any account including IMAP accounts.

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    • Guilherme SchmittGuilherme Schmitt, over 5 years ago

      That's exactly my setup right now, and it works pretty well.

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    • David Barker, over 5 years ago

      I got AirMail when it first came out, but had to stop using it because it would fail to send emails to people now and again. I got a little worried that it would one day send an email to someone other than the person I intended it to go to.

      I also found that it had issues sending images. The recipient couldn't view the images at the other end.

      I'm considering trying it again, though.

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  • Shakti DashShakti Dash, over 5 years ago

    Mailbox for mac has been such a disappointment for me, plus I got tired waiting for it to come out of beta after 3+ years. Inbox by Google works great for now and seriously, has anyone heard of Slack?

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  • Mitch Malone, over 5 years ago

    I'm confused about this tweet. What does "abandon" mean? Was the product sunsetted? Or is a dedicated team simply not working on it anymore? Will the service be shut down? The Mailbox website doesn't give any indication.

    If Mailbox doesn't fit in with the overall Dropbox product strategy, then it makes sense they'd pull resources from it. There is a lot of overhead required to simply maintain a product, let alone iterate and improve on it. But that doesn't mean they killed it. Maybe there was a dedicated Mailbox team that got pulled into other projects with higher priority and when Mailbox requires attention, they can address it ad hoc.

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  • Pasquale D'SilvaPasquale D'Silva, over 5 years ago

    Disappointing, and unsurprising.

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  • Nicholas MandelbaumNicholas Mandelbaum, over 5 years ago

    Dropbox also bought Readmill and killed it. I hate these guys now...but if the acquired company accept it, then everyone is to blame. Or no one... The vanity of the startup world :p

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    • Kris KimKris Kim, over 5 years ago

      Dang I really miss Readmill. Now I have a solid reason to hate Dropbox (guys, not the app itself..)

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    • Todd SielingTodd Sieling, over 5 years ago

      Or they're told one thing during the acquisition, and then another unfolds afterwards.

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  • Dan SherrattDan Sherratt, over 5 years ago

    Good example of not being able to patent interaction design.

    See also: Any indie Weather/Calendar app.

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  • Lee HordLee Hord, over 5 years ago

    Very sad to hear this, especially considering this from only three months ago: https://www.designernews.co/comments/168610

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  • Jesse HoyosJesse Hoyos, over 5 years ago

    I remember being on the initial waiting list when Mailbox was announced, it was definitely a game changer when it finally released.

    Im scrambling now to find a replacement thats also a universal iOS app, I use Spark on my phone but only for my work account. Any suggestions on apps that have a iPad app as well?

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  • Mario S, over 5 years ago (edited over 5 years ago )

    I've been very happy with cloudmagic for many years now.

    just a shame there's no desktop client for it.

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  • John PJohn P, over 5 years ago

    womp womp

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  • Robin RaszkaRobin Raszka, over 5 years ago

    Next: Carousel

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    • Nate DunnNate Dunn, over 5 years ago

      I just don't think there is any way that they kill Mailbox and keep Carousel alive. Sad day.

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  • John PJohn P, over 5 years ago

    This was so obviously going to happen from the start, you'd have to be covering your eyes and have your fingers in your ears not to see this coming as soon as they bought it.

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  • Razvan HRazvan H, over 5 years ago

    If email is dead, why are so many people upset about this? :)

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  • Jim NielsenJim Nielsen, over 5 years ago

    On the bright side, you got an extra 1GB for free if you linked Mailbox with Dropbox.

    Dropbox App Screenshot

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    • John PJohn P, over 5 years ago

      This is like Dropbox giving you a penny.

      1GB in online storage isn't what it used to be.

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  • Ire AderinokunIre Aderinokun, over 5 years ago

    Very upsetting.

    Mailbox is the only app I've found that works on all the platforms I use - Mac, iOS AND Android.

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  • Jake ZienJake Zien, over 5 years ago (edited over 5 years ago )

    This sucks. Really not looking forward to trying to find a new app. The mailbox workflow was perfect—snooze and lists are all most people need to stay organized.

    Can anyone recommend a good replacement on Mac and/or iOS? Everything else looks pretty overfeatured.

    Edit: Idea. Maybe this is because Dropbox has the team working on a Gmail alternative? They have their own version of google docs now, so it seems plausible.

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    • Tony GinesTony Gines, over 5 years ago

      I posted a couple of replacement apps above. Spark is definitely worth trying out.

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    • Brian A.Brian A., over 5 years ago

      I use the Gmail app on iOS and the web app on desktop. Never really liked using 3rd party apps for some reason.

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      • Seb JachecSeb Jachec, over 5 years ago

        Alternatively, Google's Inbox app on iOS/Android and their Inbox web-app on desktop, which are more like Mailbox with snooze and all.

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  • Ian GoodeIan Goode, over 5 years ago

    Thought this was the case, it's been dead for what, at least a year?

    Happy now using Postbox on desktop and Outlook on iOS. They're not going anywhere anytime soon.

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