• Drew McDonaldDrew McDonald, over 5 years ago

    This is amazing! It should be open source.

    Funny story actually,

    Two summers ago I took an iPhone development course (Objective-C) to see if I'd like to get into the biz. After rigorously studying, late nights, and a fried brain, I learned the language.

    A week later Apple announced Swift.

    Not a big deal, knowing Objective-C helps a million with Swift, but after that I was burned out. I think These docs will help me out a ton.

    tl;dr I learned Objective-C a week before Swift came out, happy it's open source. :)

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  • Kyle BavenderKyle Bavender, over 5 years ago (edited over 5 years ago )

    Something like a day in and as of this comment Swift is the 13th most starred repos on GitHub.

    Popularity doesn't necessarily speak to quality, but in this case it's speaking clearly about interest in the language. I'm considering learning Swift in hopes of someday writing a couple tiny Watch apps (fingers crossed for custom watch faces someday...)

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  • Patrick LoonstraPatrick Loonstra, over 5 years ago

    Logical to be OS for a langauge.

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