Ask DN: Do you still test in IE8?

almost 4 years ago from , Web Designer, Lyon

I haven’t tested a site/app in IE8 for so long that I’m unaware as to how people test on it nowadays. So I’d love to know.

I’m not talking about in your personal projects (cause obviously nobody could be bothered wasting their time for the sake of an archaic browser), I’m talking about at work, where your clients still request it be supported.

For Mac users: If you do test your web sites/apps in IE8, how do you test? E.g. using BrowserStack? Using a virtual machine?


  • Liam FLiam F, almost 4 years ago

    Luckily it is dying out quicker than I thought it would but yeah to make sure nothing is tremendously broken, I have always used browserstack, I believe the lite edition has IE8 which was perfect (and cheap) when freelancing.

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    • Shane C, almost 4 years ago

      Good call on BrowserStack. I, personally, find it pretty expensive though. $150 per year isn’t really cheap (just my opinion ;-)).

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  • Scott HutchesonScott Hutcheson, almost 4 years ago

    Test using a VM, still have some enterprise clients using it

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