Ask DN: How do you deliver your design deliverables?

5 years ago from , Founder, Lead Designer at Black Airplane

How do you guys deliver your deliverables? Deliverables as in logo files, contracts, pdfs, etc. Do you use email, etc. or do you use another program such as Basecamp, etc.?

I feel like email is so cumbersome. We send deliverables and then that and the conversation surrounding those deliverables can get incredibly convoluted.

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  • David Thurgood, 5 years ago

    Depends what they are ofc.

    Stuff going to our developers I.e. site designs we use Zeplin to handover, Branding & artwork files generally go via a link to wetransfer, I think most other things end up in email.

    Went through a phase while freelancing that everything was done using google docs / drive.

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