• Tom WoodTom Wood, 5 years ago

    So great. Love the tone of the language – written and design.

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    • BAKA .kidBAKA .kid, 5 years ago

      this! tone is important and Colin nailed it! plus, i just came across Dosis recently, nice to see it implemented so nicely.

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      • Colin Keany, almost 5 years ago

        Thanks! I'm a big fan of how playful Dosis can make a page look and feel. Took me a while to find the right fit for the site, but I couldn't imagine using anything else now. And it's free!

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        • BAKA .kidBAKA .kid, almost 5 years ago

          i totally get the playfulness, which works well with your writing. haha and yeah, free is always good.

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    • Colin Keany, almost 5 years ago

      Thanks a lot, Thomas!

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  • Megan VoMegan Vo, almost 5 years ago

    Love the subtle animations and the little details (especially all of the hover states).

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    • Colin KeanyColin Keany, almost 5 years ago

      Thanks! My favorite sites have been the ones that seem straight forward on the surface, but have interesting and subtle complexity when you explore deeper. That's exactly what I was after!

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  • PJ RosaPJ Rosa, almost 5 years ago

    The entire look and feel just makes me so happy, especially the subtleties. :D

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  • Mark O'NeillMark O'Neill, 5 years ago

    It is a lovely site, the animations are spot on and I love the idea of HTTTML.

    My only gripe is this:

    "I write code, drink far too much coffee and have a bad habit of buying more domain names than I know what to do with. When I'm not making internet things, I'm usually spending time with my wife, family or friends."

    It is such a banal way to describe yourself - so much creativity is evident in the rest of the website that this sticks out to me. Is the fact that you drink coffee really the most interesting thing you can say about yourself? I am aware of the psychology - more coffee, harder work etc, but surely you can make those words work harder.

    Aside from that, top job!

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    • Colin Keany, almost 5 years ago

      Thanks for the feedback! And you're absolutely right. That line has stuck out to me as one of the more lackluster aspects of the site. I kept convincing myself that it was a temporary line that I would eventually update, but I never really got back to revising it. Your feedback is motivating me, though. Thank you!

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  • Tyler DeitzTyler Deitz, 5 years ago

    Couldn't stop smiling reading your portfolio! This has great, welcoming UI and copy.

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  • Account deleted almost 5 years ago

    Sir, you nailed it.

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  • Kyle DeckerKyle Decker, 5 years ago

    Fantastic site, very well done and written! DigitalOcean is lucky to have you. :)

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  • Leury Hidalgo, almost 5 years ago

    UX is strong with this one. Very clear navigation and call outs. Great job!

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  • Al HaighAl Haigh, almost 5 years ago

    Awesome work.

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  • Jacob JJacob J, 5 years ago

    How did you accomplish the links that pop-up on the left when you hover over a project? Is that javascript?

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    • Colin Keany, 5 years ago

      Hey Jacob, it's actually done only with CSS. Just a hover state on the parent container that reveals the links with some easing transitions.

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      • Jacob JJacob J, almost 5 years ago

        Omg i never knew I could do this. I've been placing my :hover in the wrong place the whole time! I always thought I had to some sort of wizardry with :before and :after in order to have the links appear when hovering on the parent element. Well thanks for the inspiration to learn something new :)

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