• Hanu Man, 6 years ago

    With this kind apps, Could the iPad Pro be really productive?

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    • Brian HintonBrian Hinton, 6 years ago

      The iPad has always been productive. It's just in a sub-productive category where it depends on the task you are trying to accomplish.

      The biggest issue I had with Umake is the navigation is incredibly awkward.

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  • Arix KingArix King, 6 years ago

    This could really be revolutionary for a game design market. Concept designers able to sketch their ideas in 3D and then have model builders use that as a scaffold.

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  • Saul SutcherSaul Sutcher, 6 years ago

    Would love to try this out on the iPad Pro. Interested to see how far you can push it.

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  • Thomas RawcliffeThomas Rawcliffe, 6 years ago

    Well designed site.

    As someone who doesn't really understand 3D modelling too much, and sketching, the app looks super complicated.

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  • Brian ZaikBrian Zaik, 6 years ago (edited 6 years ago )

    Can't wait to try this out once I get the Apple Pencil (hopefully tomorrow).

    I'm just going to throw down the statement that I agree with their sentiment that "designers need to buy iPads." After using 53's Paper app with their stylus I became a big proponent of the iPad for computer-assisted design sketching and I feel like the Apple Pencil is going to further revolutionize my design process.

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