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Earlier this year I launched my portfolio: https://www.designernews.co/stories/43107-minimal-portfolio-design

I've taken the time to write this again from scratch, still using Jekyll but now also with Angular. The whole design has had a refresh, and now includes animations, new icons and a whole new colour palette.

I'd really appreciate any feedback.


  • Steve EdsonSteve Edson, over 4 years ago

    Nice refresh! I remember seeing this site before. I really prefer the added colour, plus it feels so much faster with Angular.

    Any plans to do a write up on how you changed it?

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    • Luke James TaylorLuke James Taylor, over 4 years ago

      Thanks! I've learnt a lot from this refresh.

      I do plan on writing a post on what has changed and how I approached the redesign. Any ideas what you'd like to see in the post?

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      • Steve EdsonSteve Edson, over 4 years ago

        Just how you approached it, specifically the angular stuff with Jekyll I guess! When I try to refresh my site (https://steveedson.co.uk), I usually rip it up too much and then its too big of a task to put back together.

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  • Zack Davis, over 4 years ago

    First, I am glad you able to get feed back from designer news. I posted my site for feedback two months ago and while I received a 1000 visits that day, I only received one piece of feedback. I am not sure the community contributed to anything constructive.

    I did not see the original so I cannot comment on the refresh but most of your work seems like full Front-End Dev and not much design. I would love to see more of the stuff you designed. As an example on the portfolio page you have three apps at the bottom but I have to sign up to view anything. I would love to see what you did there and how you contributed to those projects.

    Beyond that I think its a nice site with a good fast feel. Hope you have great success with it.

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    • Luke James Taylor, over 4 years ago

      It's a shame that you didn't get more feedback. I'll give you my honest feedback if you're still seeking it?

      I plan on doing a write up to explain what's changed and how I approached it. Then you'll be able to see the difference.

      I see where you're coming from when you mention that it is very front-end dev heavy. The majority of my design work is undertaken for the company I work for, so it isn't really suitable for my portfolio.

      I do need to work on a new strategy for the portfolio section, but as this was a refresh I didn't really approach this.

      Thanks again for the feedback, really appreciate it.

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  • Thomas RawcliffeThomas Rawcliffe, over 4 years ago

    Site looks great! My two cents would be to work on the animation between clicking a link and loading the new content.

    Hard to describe, however I think it's because there's not enough time in-between the old content leaving, and the new content appearing.

    Maybe try animate the content out, and then each element of the new content back in? With some delay in-between the two.

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  • Santiago BaigorriaSantiago Baigorria, over 4 years ago

    James, been there. I redesigned my portfolio on January, and a month ago I decided I needed a more content-oriented portfolio (and I'm still working on it).

    The refresh you made looks nice. It's very tidy and trendy. Some stuff is really cool. The only thing I'm not crazy about are the animations, but that's maybe because I usually prefer more subtle ones.

    Great work anyways!

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    • Luke James TaylorLuke James Taylor, over 4 years ago

      Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, the animations are something I definitely need to work on. I'll probably end up toning them down a little.

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  • Hanu ManHanu Man, over 4 years ago (edited over 4 years ago )

    I love the transitions between pages, how do you get this effect?

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    • Luke James TaylorLuke James Taylor, over 4 years ago

      I use AngularJS to dynamically load the page content in. This also gives you classes to hook onto for when your content is entering and leaving, so get the page transition effect. Hope this helps!

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