• Abhijeet WankhadeAbhijeet Wankhade, almost 3 years ago

    I still find it bit unorganised and hard to digest.

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  • Vladislav ArbatovVladislav Arbatov, almost 3 years ago

    I see it awkward that BC3 is totally separate from BC2. You can only have a new clear account with no current projects in it. The migration will be introduced in mid-2016.

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  • Filip RadelicFilip Radelic, almost 3 years ago

    Been trying it out since yesterday. My biggest annoyance by far is that there is no more passwords. So instead of using your password manager to log in with one tap/click, you now have to type in your email every single time (no, it doesn't remember you), then wait for a link to arrive in your mail app, switch to it, click/tap the link and then you are logged in. What if you're using Basecamp with your work e-mail that you don't have on your phone, but wanted to log in on the go to check something?

    Being friendly to average people has always been their greatest advantage, but they have gone too far with this and I really hope they introduce passwords as an option. Also some more flexible pricing for freelancers and smaller teams wouldn't hurt.

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  • alec salec s, almost 3 years ago

    TIL people still use Basecamp, I guess.

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  • James GreigJames Greig, almost 3 years ago (edited almost 3 years ago )

    Suspect that Basecamp's "human" UI style means it will never really take off in the design community.

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  • Rick KhannaRick Khanna, almost 3 years ago
    • {text-align:center}

    That's a lot of centered text all over their copy-heavy site. May need to re-evaluate: https://basecamp.com/3/new

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  • Benoît ChabertBenoît Chabert, almost 3 years ago

    Man... it's now 80$/month to use with clients.

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