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  • Patrick Smith, over 4 years ago

    Hi, I am a Mac and Web app developer who has long been passionate about apps, understanding how they work, and understanding how to actually make one.

    I had stored away links to articles and podcast interviews and videos that I always thought afterwards ‘wow, that was really good, I got a lot out of it this time but I need to make sure I revisit this again’. This was stuff that really stood out – I have lots on articles saved in Instapaper or recommendations made on Medium, but there is so much new stuff every day, most of which being read once was enough.

    Reprise is my list of things that I think that deserve a bit more permanence, and will probably change a couple of times a month. The idea is that this is content you can read again and again as they focus on the essential parts of creativity, user experience, and marketing.

    I hope people find it useful! Does anyone else have their own list of gems they keep coming back to?

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