• Paul MistPaul Mist, 8 years ago

    Looking good! Would love SCSS integration over Less but that's obviously personal preference. Can't say how many time I wishes I could have styling capabilities in a design app.

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  • Kyle CesmatKyle Cesmat, 8 years ago

    Great tool to bring a little more prototyping power to sketch. Not sure I could 'prefer' to do initial design & concepting with code, for me that is too rigid and slow.

    This tool however is a great way to start refining your design and thinking through how you might develop it.

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  • Julian LengfelderJulian Lengfelder, 8 years ago

    Looks like a great tool!

    For anyone interested in further reading on this subject, check out Josh Puckett's post 'Modern Design Tools: Adaptive Layouts' and 'Exploring Dynamic Layout in Sketch' by Matej Hrescak

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  • Clayton Farr, 8 years ago

    This is very interesting. It feels like it would be most useful after you've gone a bit past exploration and into the organization of design work. The comment about styles getting out of control quickly is definitely a thing. Will be interesting to see if this makes it any simpler or just moves it elsewhere. Could also be a handy way to share styles across documents. +1 John Coates.

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  • Bryant HughesBryant Hughes, 8 years ago

    Wow, yeah I love this.

    Still need to take a look at the intricacies of it, but the ability to program styles in Sketch is a huge win for developers, and designers who are comfortable developing. As great as it is to have some nifty keyboard short cuts to handle bulk editing, a style sheet like this could be a much better approach.

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