I want a way to consistently and efficiently view my designs on an Android phone

almost 5 years ago from , Designer at Yahoo, Designer of NeuBible

I would pay money for this. Skala is great on iOS but without a direct USB connection on Android it's pointless. Android Design Preview is fine but can't render pixels at a high quality and freaks out over Retina anything. RealPixels is fine and renders a 1:1 preview at 100% but you have to sync to Dropbox so the workflow is painful and in no way real-time, plus you can't remove the soft keys.

Here's what the community needs: - real-time preview - device density recognition - direct USB connection - ability to show/hide Android chrome - Retina friendly (on the computer side)

What else am I missing? Any suggestions on a better work flow or app combination? Some of the above works great if you're at home freelancing, but jump on ANY corp network and you can forget about ever getting a Bonjour port open.