• Casey BrittCasey Britt, almost 8 years ago

    I like some of the minor improvements, but I feel like Twitch is a far cry from an app that desperately needs a redesign. While there's always things to optimize, overall their app works pretty well. If you're going to take a stab at redesigning an app the doesn't need a major over haul I think you should swing for the fences. Blow the app up and do something crazy with it. Completely rethink what it could be.

    The channel screen feels strange to me with 4 tabs across the bottom and then 4 tabs repeated above at roughly the same size. I think some sort of variation here could really help.

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  • Cody SanfilippoCody Sanfilippo, almost 8 years ago

    Chances are you’ve never heard of Twitch.tv, a live video streaming platform bought by Amazon ($970M) in 2014.


    Twitch.tv is HUGE!

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  • Will ThomasWill Thomas, almost 8 years ago

    Was anyone else initially unsure if it was a real case study or just redesigning Twitch for fun?

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  • Thomas Pritchard, almost 8 years ago

    I really love the Facebook-inspired search screen. So much better than the existing search in Twitch.

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