• Bryant HughesBryant Hughes, over 4 years ago (edited over 4 years ago )

    Wow, I really really really like this site.

    It's not doing anything outrageously original or forward thinking, but they nailed the execution of all of the individual aesthetic elements: photography, layout, copy, colors.

    I love the use of full screen content areas, and other that stay within a grid, and also the subtle interactions happening on the Get Started button.

    Ecommerce can't afford to be superfluous, but should be fun and engaging and I feel like this site is exceptional at that.

    Good work!

    Edit: actually, the purchase process is pretty damn original, so I have to give credit where that's due. I was more so talking about the Home page in my original comment.

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  • Dustin TannerDustin Tanner, over 4 years ago

    Non-responsive in (almost)2106? Total fail.

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    • Jordan Schiller, over 4 years ago

      Hey Dustin! You're totally right here, crazy that this site would not be responsive. We have a completely different mobile experience that will launch shortly. We felt that the majority of our customers are submitting orders through desktops (about 100%) With that in mind, we launched knowing that we would have some mobile issues for a while. But, keep an eye out for an updated mobile experience shortly :)

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