Interaction Design Foundation - Is the subscription worth it?

almost 5 years ago from , UX Designer

Hi all,

I'm a UX designer who is looking to expand his skills in the field. I've been reading the articles of Interaction Design Foundation for quite a while now and some of their course offerings seem pretty interesting.

Was wondering if any designers here know about the quality of their courses? How good is their discussion group with in the realm of Interaction Design?

Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. :)


  • Mads Soegaard, almost 4 years ago

    Hi Vinay,

    I founded the Interaction Design Foundation so perhaps I can help you answer that question. Let me try to be as unbiased and objective as possible:

    Our whole mission statement revolves around making design education accessible to anyone with a laptop. Cost is one of the most important deciding factors for a student from a developing country who wants to learn and improve his/her career. We've written an article about the Return on Investment (ROI) on the different options of design education available. You can read about ROI of Design Education here

    If you aren't familiar with the Interaction Design Foundation, I found a couple of external reviews on Google that talk about both our mission and the courses we offer:

    Usabilla Blog's review of the Interaction Design Foundation

    Hai Ho's Review of the Interaction Design Foundation

    Rhys from Lastminute.com's review of the Interaction Design Foundation

    I hope you will find them useful. You're also welcome to write back (or write directly to me) if you have questions.

    I wish you all the best in learning design !

    Very best,


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  • Woratana PerthWoratana Perth, almost 5 years ago

    In my opinion, it is worth the price :) The course quality is great. One course includes videos, slides, and quiz which you can answer only once (I hate that).

    As for the discussion group, I haven't participate much with the community. Therefore, I couldn't tell you about this.

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    • Vinay ChilukuriVinay Chilukuri, almost 5 years ago

      Thank you Woratana, for the reply. I just noticed that there is monthly subscription on the site (earlier it was only an annual one). Will check it out :)

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