Complete this sentence: I switched from Photoshop to Sketch and ...

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Many designers gleefully talk about casting off the yolk of Photoshop by switching from Photoshop to Sketch, as if they're somehow equivalent.

e.g. "I was using PS, but since getting Sketch, have never used it again!"

If you work in design, you will need an image editor still, and maybe some other tools.

And just to be sure, I checked. Sketch didn't let me layer multiple images with complex blends, masks etc to create a greater image. It didn't let me select a part of an image with a freehand select tool. I can't find a Liquefy tool, or Lens correct or colour correct. Etc, etc, etc. Actually, if you compare them as equals Sketch sucks!

So the question is, "I switched from Photoshop to Sketch and ... ?"


  • Alex Dave, 6 years ago (edited 6 years ago )

    "I switched from Photoshop to Sketch and I'm still using Photoshop."

    True is Sketch isn't as efficient as you can read on blog and Google Designer Interview. It's buggy, it's messy and very frustrating. The Support doesn't understand a word and only ask you for the file... and sometime goes back to you.

    • I've lost many time on project with Sketch on my workflow even the UI export tool which is very useful make you losing time such as exporting well optimized svgs for the web. It looks perfect on Sketch and then rendering messy on your web document. So you're losing time in order to figure out the "why!?". I feel the vector tool better in Photoshop than Sketch imo.

    • The layer system is frustrating by example: you group complexes shapes inside a layer, duplicate and try to move it through the canvas: Sketch never select the right layer wherever you clicked. You have to select the new layer from the side bar and moving it with the arrow keys and wait... seconds until the layer to be far enough and draggable. Tbh I think the software select the right layer in 50% cases. Also don't nest to much elements. Because when you want to access a specified shape dig in 2~3 folders you have to double click 2~3 and if by lack of attention (because you changed the color of the object and clicked anywhere in the canvas by example): you won the right to multi-click back your shape!

    • Oh and one of the most oddest behavior with Sketch is that the more you add element to the file, the more the vector tool is fucked up. So you have to create a new document, copy/past your vector shape to be able to edit. Sometime it's work otherwise you'll have to rebuild the same shape from scratch. Happened to me several time. Spend 2 more days on my lasted project because of this. What a shame!

    Sketch made me losing a lot of time because all of those glitches. It's super intuitive and easy to setup by when the hype is over it's turns to be harmful for your projects.

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  • Shane BolandShane Boland, 6 years ago

    I switched from Photoshop to Sketch and saved 15% on my car insurance

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  • Mitch BartlettMitch Bartlett, 6 years ago

    It would be great if people could just not announce when they switch software. No one cares. It's not interesting.

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  • Per VPer V, 6 years ago

    I switched from Photoshop to Sketch and then back to Photoshop. Never looked back.

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  • Bryan CinmanBryan Cinman, 6 years ago

    I switched from Photoshop to Sketch and never looked back.

    I think theres a misconception that Sketch replaces ALL of Photoshop's features. The thing is that photoshop wasn't created for UI design to begin with. It was created, as it's name suggests, for photo/image editing. Yes there are tons of things that Photoshop does and Sketch doesn't. But for UI design specifically, which consists mostly of vector shapes, it's miles better than Photoshop.

    If you need sophisticated bitmap editing then Photoshop is probably still king.

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  • Pablo StanleyPablo Stanley, 6 years ago (edited 6 years ago )

    If you were using Photoshop to do UI/UX work before, I can understand why you made the switch to Sketch. But you should've started using illustrator for you web product explorations since the beginning. While Sketch is great in some ways, it's still light years behind the capabilities of illustrator to handle HUGE projects.

    Photoshop is still the best software for image manipulation. No one should've started using it for UI/UX products, except for handling assets.

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    • Florian GrauFlorian Grau, 6 years ago

      For me, working with Illustrator on UI is so frustrating it's almost physically painful: Its snapping is already strange without the pixel grid. Enabled, from my experience, snapping turns into a complete mess – imprecise and incomprehensible, and no configuration or setting can change that. Additionally the interface's performance seems even worse than Photoshop's, so working feels even choppier. For me it's always a relieve when hitting CMD+Q.

      I totally agree, that Sketch is not very good at handling huge projects, but luckily for me it was always enough for the ones I was involved with.

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  • Aaron MoodyAaron Moody, 6 years ago

    I switched from Photoshop to Sketch and all I got was this stupid t-shirt...

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  • Stefan Rauch, 6 years ago (edited 6 years ago )

    Manipulation of text styles is poor with Sketch. Object selection is poor with Sketch. Software quality is poor with Sketch.

    I switched from Photoshop to Sketch and spent more time to achieve similar results.

    Zeppelin was the main reason for the switch.

    I guess it's cool to dislike Adobe.

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    • Florian GrauFlorian Grau, 6 years ago

      Every new tool needs time for getting used to - Sketch is no exception. It does have its own learning curve (albeit not a very steep one), workflows and quirks. It took more than a year for it to grow on me: I had it installed, tried it a few times, grew frustrated with its bugs and switched back to Photoshop.

      In terms of overall software quality Sketch still has some catching up to do. When a new beta with some phenomenal new features breaks fundamental basics that worked the last two years I always want to hurt someone. ;) However, after using it for 3 years now I can safely say that progress is definitely being made in that area.

      Regarding your other points:

      • No problem with text styles here, what's your issue exactly? A big plus for me: Text rendering just works, compared to Photoshop's 4 choose-what-you-want-it-will-look-different-anyway styles.

      • Object selection is, in my opinion, a lot quicker, more precise, better thought out and more versatile than in Photoshop: Direct selection works far better, click-through is an option you choose an the fly and if that's not enough you can also use Photoshop's right click dropdown layer selection.

      Anyway, use the tool that gets the job done for your. Same as every software Sketch needs a little bit of learning to discern if unexpected behavior is a user error or a bug. If you don't want to invest that time, because you are happy with Photoshop … just stick with it! Both options have their pros and cons.

      Also, disliking Adobe was cool one year ago - now it's mostly "use what you want, I don't care!". :D

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  • Numecca .Numecca ., 6 years ago

    Hello. I am new here. Is this Twitter?

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  • Daniel GoldenDaniel Golden, 6 years ago

    "...then switched back."

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  • Ryan MurphyRyan Murphy, 6 years ago

    told everyone about it.

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  • Ole-Martin BrattengOle-Martin Bratteng, 6 years ago

    I switched from Photoshop to Sketch and then to Affinity Designer, never looked back. Affinity Photo + Affinity Designer = Perfect, and soon with the Affinity Publisher, I'll never need to look back at Adobe.

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    • , 6 years ago

      Likewise. Loving the work of Serif. Would love it if they made a Lightroom equivalent too.

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  • Ix TechauIx Techau, 6 years ago

    ...then I switched back.

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  • Floyd WilliamsonFloyd Williamson, 6 years ago (edited 6 years ago )

    I switched from Photoshop to Sketch and... just now remember that I actually switched from Fireworks because I've always hated Photoshop for UI design.

    Still use Illustrator a ton though.

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  • Marcel ChristianisMarcel Christianis, 6 years ago

    I switched from Photoshop to Sketch and life is still as hard as it is.

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  • Alessia Weir, 6 years ago

    I switched from Photoshop to Sketch ..and now spend less time doing more work. Reason being that, as already mentioned, Photoshop was never really designed to be used for UI design whereas Sketch was. Yes Sketch is still a bit wobbly in places, and yes Photoshop still dominates at image manipulation. I think it really comes down to choosing the right tool for the job, and having both of these tools to work with has been phenomenal. Highly recommend :)

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  • kamil wroniewicz, 6 years ago

    'I switched from Photoshop to Sketch and then back to Photoshop. Never looked back.' i use combo of ps and illu - illu is years behind sketch in terms of complex path building [when you know illu really good it is like comparing paint to photoshop] and not being able to simply edit/mask photos is pure madness to me.

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  • Kemie GuaidaKemie Guaida, 6 years ago

    I switched from Fireworks to Sketch and Illustrator

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  • , 6 years ago

    Thanks for all the laughs. Some classics there.

    Was surprised there wasn't as much love for Sketch as I expected.

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  • 1st Web Designer1st Web Designer, 6 years ago

    Well there are actually a lot of design experts say that it's all about preference. (http://www.1stwebdesigner.com/sketch-vs-photoshop/) Some still prefer to go with Photoshop since it's good for learning the basics, but once they get a hang of it, exploring to sketch isn't that bad.

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  • Todd FTodd F, 6 years ago

    And Sketch is far from perfect, but it makes so many aspects so much better that it was clearly worth switching.

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  • Dylan Sowell, 6 years ago

    Saved a ton of time, productivity is up 2-3x. Still use PS for random bitmap editing though, as well as the occasional abstract art.

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  • Tropical HoochTropical Hooch, 6 years ago

    I switched from Photoshop to Sketch and....

    Saved a lot of money and time. Even using Illustration, while it might be suited better for UI/UX work still pales in comparison to the workflow and interface of Sketch. A few bugs here and there, but they've really disrupted a market that Adobe has dominated for decades.

    Oh and for all you out there currently using Sketch. Check out Marketch https://github.com/tudou527/marketch It gives exact specifications for devs in a nice little html file. Perfect for handing off to people on windows.

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