Cloud syncing for Sketch/PSD files

almost 5 years ago from , Senior UI Designer

Hi DN,

Currently I'm using Dropbox to sync all my files including my design work which is Sketch format. Thinking to move to Google Drive to save some money on the storage.

Do you guys think is Google Drive is good for sync my working files? Is the versioning useful like Dropbox?


  • Mario S, over 4 years ago

    I'm trying to decided on a service myself. I usually have to sync/backup large files and I find Dropbox diff syncing faster than everyone else.

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  • Scott WilliamsScott Williams, over 4 years ago

    We use it for our entire team. Honestly, I'd prefer to use Dropbox, but Drive gets the job done. I've never noticed anything with versioning, so it's either great, or we haven't hit a snag yet.

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    • Antoine Lord, over 4 years ago

      Why do you prefer Dropbox over Drive ?

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      • Scott WilliamsScott Williams, over 4 years ago

        Dropbox has a definitive file structure that is the same for everyone. Drive lets you organize however you want, so it can sometimes be hard for team members to find things.

        Dropbox also has far superior Mac integrations for sharing. With Dropbox I can do everything I need to from the Finder. With Drive, I find myself navigating the web interface to do anything.

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  • Jeff MillerJeff Miller, over 4 years ago

    Dropbox purchased Pixelapse (the Layervault competitor) a while back, so (in theory) Dropbox will be introducing versioning with previews and other designer-specific tools.

    Another cool thing is that Dropbox has LAN-sync priority. So if you're syncing files will a team member in the same building it will send files across the room instead of up to a remote server and back down.

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