Little big detail in Safari - link indicator

over 4 years ago from , Freelance Digital Product Designer

A couple of weeks ago I was wondering why browsers still don't show if the link you're about to click keeps you on the same site or throws you right into a new tab. It's some of these little big details in UI, you know that. I created a rough solution that shows how I think a browser should handle internal and external links.

Why I post this? I already forgot about it until now. I just noticed it after the latest el capital bets update and voila, Safari now shows the link in the bottom left corner (just like chrome) and enhances it with "opens in a new tab" if that's the case.

That's great and absolutely does the job! Yet I kinda like my idea, of keeping it more visual, by using two icons instead :)

Take a look: http://justinschueler.de/linkindicator/index.html

What do you think? Thanks for reading