• Milan HawkinsMilan Hawkins, almost 7 years ago

    I'm probably in the minority with this viewpoint, but I think the place looks pretty depressing. I wouldn't fancy working in a huge, open-plan warehouse, located in the middle of nowhere, debating the merits of an incredibly minor interface tweak with a bunch of beards.

    Free food and laundry services sound appealing on the surface, but these facilities are designed to keep staff imprisoned in the office.

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    • Crampa ...Crampa ..., almost 7 years ago

      Better than working from my apartment jerking my dick twice a day.

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    • Laurens SpangenbergLaurens Spangenberg, almost 7 years ago

      I've never worked at any large company, but I'd figure that in a company like Facebook, as a designer—or even an engineer—one would spend half their time discussing things (productively) with co-workers. A warehouse which could literally act as an echo chamber does not look like an ideal place for talking, or thinking.

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      • Amandah Wood, almost 7 years ago (edited almost 7 years ago )

        Amanda from Ways We Work here. We actually thought the exact same thing when we first entered the building, it's hard to illustrate it in the photos but teams were divvied up into smaller work areas throughout the building that made it a bit more intimate. I would assume attribute goes to Frank Gehry for this but the placement of walls and dividers throughout managed to keep the noise level shockingly low for how loud you'd think the space would be. I'm still not sure it'd be the best work environment for me personally but wanted to give a bit more insight into what it was actually like when we were there.

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      • John PJohn P, almost 7 years ago

        Not to mention the hodgepodge desk layout/carpets/etc just make it look like a giant dirt and dust trap. I imagine it all pays very well but I wouldn't be too impressed turning up and being told "We're just going to perch you on the edge of H31"

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    • Nathan NNathan N, almost 7 years ago

      debating the merits of an incredibly minor interface tweak

      I've always wondered how companies like facebook, instagram and twitter could justify having so many designers when there isn't a whole lot of room to make significant changes.

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  • Duke CavinskiDuke Cavinski, almost 7 years ago

    So much chin rubbing.

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  • Henrique Alves, almost 7 years ago

    IMHO these spaces are built to favor the single and young. At my 33 I've become a bit grumpy with open offices. Too much noise, people walking around you all time and one cold every three weeks. I do enjoy privacy, my small and quiet home office. I'm more productive at home too.

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  • Tori ZTori Z, almost 7 years ago

    Looks amazing to me! I'm gonna meet with some of their designers on Friday. Gonna ask them what they feel about working in this space ;D

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  • Rick KhannaRick Khanna, almost 7 years ago

    I'll work there.

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  • Samantha S, almost 7 years ago

    So many wypipo

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  • Josh ShayneJosh Shayne, almost 7 years ago

    The big industrial shared space seems like it would be a bit overwhelming — but I agree that the rooftop garden looks pretty sweet.

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  • Vincent MillikenVincent Milliken, almost 7 years ago

    Gota say that roof garden thing looks awesome.

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