• Zach TaylorZach Taylor, 5 years ago (edited 5 years ago )

    Final edit: putting the pitchfork away, nothing to see here.

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    • Kuanysh BayandinovKuanysh Bayandinov, 5 years ago

      Yeah, the will to buy is suddenly lost after this fake praise.

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    • cliff nowickicliff nowicki, almost 5 years ago

      While it does seem kind of fishy, I'll still give it a try. The nuSchool has provided priceless information to me in the past so I don't think there's any reason to think differently. If anything, I feel the price point is a way to "give back" for information that has saved me hundreds of dollars. Thats just me though.

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    • Lior FrenkelLior Frenkel, 5 years ago (edited 5 years ago )

      Hi Zach, Lior Frenkel here. I'm the CEO of the nuSchool, the co-author of the book and the one who posted this link here.

      You know, Zach, my father always told me that a man has one real thing in this life - his good name. More than money, friends or anything else. His good name.

      I've never, EVER, done anything fishy in my whole life. I would never, EVER, create fake accounts not here or on any other website.

      I've just opened DN and was so shocked. First, I was shocked to see so much great feedback from other designers about the book. Real designers. Designers that I can see their names in my Gumroad account because they really have purchased my book.

      But then I was also shocked to see your comment.

      Man, can't you do a little research before you're blaming people for being fishy? Can't you just Google those designer's names? Or go to Twitter and see that they follow the nuSchool for months now? See the love they got for our project?

      Here's what happened. Yesterday I was so excited about the launch of the new book, that I posted it here, and then posted the link on my FB account. The nuSchool is a big community of freelance designers. And many of them are my friends on FB. You know why? Because we are doing everything we can to help them for many many months now. And they are thankful.

      Apparently, those people were so thankful, and wanted to show their support so much, that they've done a huge effort. They saw my link, and opened a new account just to support our book. Isn't it amazing? Wouldn't you want people to be so thankful for your hard work that they've done so much just to show you support?

      Listen, I can see why it might look fishy. But I call you, or anyone from the DN community/platform to check on me. Go to twitter, go to Google, send me PM and I'll show you the 1,000 emails I have from our loving students.

      And next time, before you're blaming someone of doing something fishy, do spend 10 more minutes.

      It's my good name, and it's all I got in life.



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      • Dirk HCM van BoxtelDirk HCM van Boxtel, 5 years ago (edited 5 years ago )

        Touche good sir.

        I'll remove my comment altogether. Not to not look like an ass, but because I don't want to besmirch your name.

        Book purchased, thanks for explaining, and apologies for being an ass.

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        • Lior FrenkelLior Frenkel, almost 5 years ago

          Thanks Dirk.

          It's Yom Kippur today - a Jewish holiday which is all about apologizing and forgiveness. Very symbolic.

          Take care, and here's hope to being more careful next time...


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      • Zach TaylorZach Taylor, almost 5 years ago

        Hi Lior,

        I apologize.

        Given DN's lingering spam infiltration, a post full of generic seeming praise, from brand-new accounts, of something being sold is bound to set off alarm bells.

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        • Lior FrenkelLior Frenkel, almost 5 years ago

          OK man. No worries. It's Yom Kippur today - a Jewish holiday which is all about apologizing and forgiveness. Very symbolic.

          Take care, and here's hope to being more careful next time...


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  • Yoav HornungYoav Hornung, 5 years ago

    Nice one.

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    • Lior Frenkel, 5 years ago

      Thanks man! We've put tons of effort in creating a really valuable book. 100% of the strategies we use ourselves to grow our freelance businesses :)

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  • Divya Tak, 5 years ago

    Excellent book from the guys at nuschool, which is a blog that you definitely have to follow! Any freelancer can find amazing advice in this book and on the blog.

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  • Kurt Thigpen, 5 years ago

    This book is helping me to find clients who value what I do and are willing to pay for it! I've struggled for years to find quality clients who will actually refer me business.

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  • Alex Lasek, almost 5 years ago

    great book definitely worth reading :)

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  • Çağdaş Ünal, almost 5 years ago

    Don't miss this book if you're a freelancer. It worths your money.

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  • Nick Savopoulos, almost 5 years ago

    Great Guide, Bravo!

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  • Maria Antonietta Perna, 5 years ago

    So much I relate to in this book. Straightforward, easy-to-follow advice about pricing, positioning, and getting the full value our freelance work deserves.

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  • Morin Glimmer, 5 years ago

    Honest, hard-earne and total value for your money lessons from the gospel of the nuschool guys.

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  • Hanna Leah, 5 years ago

    This book is a straight-up guide to the real world of designers, with lessons you don't get in a traditional school. I only wish this could have been available sooner, as it could have saved me thousands in tuition fees.

    I hope their lessons and the news of this book will spread like wildfire. I'm confident it can change lives - as it did mine. If more designers knew about this, it can definitely change the world.

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  • Divya Tak, almost 5 years ago

    Awesome book. Great work from the nuschool guys.

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