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So, um, hello DN. I believe it's my first time posting. My trade is that of an architect (bricks and buildings - not information-, software- architect), so I am obviously a bit behind when it comes to how stuff should look like on the internets.

I'm a bit of a tinker, so I did hack together something running on ghost, linked below, which I am inviting you to critique away!

Without further ado, shoot away: dimitrie.org

PS: Feel free to comment both on the content, on the copy, and the presence of inline styles (i hope to have kicked all out, but...).

PPS: Lots of the work was done by the nice people behind this theme called Bentley.


  • Connor NorvellConnor Norvell, 6 years ago

    i think it looks great! the wording on the homepage is a bit hard to understand. from what i gathered you are saying "i am trying to redefine the architectural design process, as an expression of creativity"

    which could probably be simplified as "my goal is to express my own creative voice through architecture" (correct me if i am wrong on the meaning of the original statement).

    anyway, love the design! the black border was a nice touch IMO. very modern, you added your own flare from the original theme, which i love!

    great work!

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    • Dimitrie A. Stefanescu, 6 years ago

      Hello Connor, thanks for the encouragement! The copy is, as you say, completely obtuse - it seems like this is the general vibe i'm getting - so I will proceed to rewrite it.

      I am probably trying to cram up too many details in what should be a rather simple statement. Thanks!

      Yes, the original theme is modified quite a bit, also on the "backend" side - had to implement navigation, etc. Learned quite a bit about the ghost platform (which probably explains the bad copy, hehe...).

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  • Sjors TimmerSjors Timmer, 6 years ago (edited 6 years ago )

    The good thing is that the visual design gives your content plenty of room to speak. The downside is that I have no idea what it is saying :)

    Maybe you are doing something like this? Creating collaboration tools for the architectural process.

    My main thing would be to avoid 'trying', you seem to be quite successful already, so no need for modesty. And second avoid mentioning yourself directly (I'm). I'm on your site, that has your name in the url, it is clear that it's a first person statement.

    You could have a look at the theory behind mission and vision statements, there's quite a lot written about that.

    Very interesting subject though, hope there will be more collaboration between the digital and the physical world of design.

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    • Dimitrie A. Stefanescu, 6 years ago

      Hello Sjors,

      Thanks a lot - you're right, copy is completely off. I will try to look at some theory behind mission and vision statements - nevertheless, i might just steal your summary - it's quite good, to the point, and does say what i was trying to say, albeit more succinctly and successfully :)

      Glad you like the subject, it's quite a novel avenue of research, so I am waddling through it slowly. There's actually a lot to learn from places like... designer news, and then transfer back to what I am doing.

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      • Sjors TimmerSjors Timmer, 6 years ago

        I went the other way, and tried to take as much from architectural practices to inform digital design work: https://medium.com/@sjors/rem-koolhaas-designing-the-design-process-7f1328821f70

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        • Dimitrie A. Stefanescu, 6 years ago

          Nice! I do agree that there are some things to take away from architecture, but there are also quite some caveats in the "classical" line of the architectural business.

          Crossbreeding is good in general, and I strongly encourage it - in a sense it's what I'm trying to do, only the direction is reversed from yours. Architectural design and planning in general has already become a pure "service" and it needs to adapt accordingly its pedagogy (architects are still trained as "creative geniuses") as well as its practice methodology - it's rather stuck, feedback loops are often missing outside the inner technical&design circle, stakeholders are usually something to fight against (or secretly serve, depending on who is paying), user-testing is rather scoffed at, etc.

          Ok, I'll stop ranting - if you're around in London, beer's on me - would love to converse.

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