• Pierre Reimertz, almost 7 years ago

    Hi, creator here.

    This is a tribute to the old times, when iframes was the new big thing and JavaScript wasn't widely used.

    I wanted to investigate how hard it would be to implement a

    -compatible nes emulator that could be played together with other people in realtime. A stretch goal was to make it work in browsers from the late 90's.

    Ironically, everything is written in JavaScript on the server using Node.js. :D

    If the game seems to be frozen, someone has probably hit select which pauses the game.

    And oh, I confirmed that it works on Internet Explorer 6 and Netscape 6 if you feel like playing on your old computer.

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  • Ian WilliamsIan Williams, almost 7 years ago

    Hey Pierre!

    This is awesome. Could you explain how this use of iframe works to some of the new kids on the block?

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