Anyone have any experience with LaTex?

almost 6 years ago from , Creative Director at www.veriday.com

I've been asked to create a newsletter template using LaTex. it's a scripting language I haven't used (frankly, i suck at this sort of thing) I'm hoping there's some way to convert Indesign files, or if there's some kind of visual app to create a Latex document. The layouts are a bit tricky, in the sense that they're supposed to be pretty modern looking email campaign style layouts. If anyone knows of any conversion tools that work well, or any way at all of visually creating a Latex file etc, I'd be incredibly grateful....


  • Pablo StanleyPablo Stanley, almost 6 years ago

    Have you tried using Mailchimp's email generator? They have great templates to start and a really easy-to-use interface to edit your email campaign. The cool part is that you can export your creation to HTML with inline CSS and use it anywhere, without having to send the email through their system.

    I would also recommend using Sketch instead of Illustrator since it would help you export the assets easier and you can copy the css from your design.

    Also... WTF is LaTex? Sounds like a Tex-Mex Taco shop.

    Good luck, man!

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  • Tyson Kingsbury, almost 6 years ago

    or if not Indesign files, then even Adobe Illustrator files or something.... really, any way of visually creating the document rather than scripting it....

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