My 2015 round-up of top agency websites.

over 5 years ago from , Founder at Qwilr.com

I've spent most of my working life as a design and software engineering consultant (and also spent my early years in Agency Land).

One of the things I've struggled with the most, throughout my career, has been designing my own agency / consultancy websites.

Its a classic syndrome: but designing for oneself is really, really hard.

I always found it helpful having a select list of reference websites which I think nailed some particular aspect of The Agency Website design challenge.

Obviously as the web evolves, the list tends to evolve as well.

Previously I kept a text file (so tech!), but I thought, for posterity purposes, I'd put together a round-up of some my favourite agency websites I've found this year - and have compiled them in a blog post here: http://blog.qwilr.com/30-stunning-agency-sites/

Hope y'all enjoy!

PS: Apologies to the zillions of amazing and excellent agency websites I didn't feature - I'll make a longer list in 2016 I promise :)


  • Bling DeNeige, over 5 years ago

    Big thanks and neat collection! Designing for oneself is really hard, I've postponed mine for so long, so far, my favorite is www.work.co

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    • Dylan BaskindDylan Baskind, over 5 years ago

      Indeed, although as designers I think we often chafe and gripe about all the constraints of the client projects we work on - but the lack of constraints presents with perhaps an even bigger challenge.

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