• Yannic NachnameYannic Nachname, 8 years ago

    Polished site! But I don't understand why there are so many geometric objects floating in the background.

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    • cliff nowickicliff nowicki, 8 years ago

      My guess is it goes with the question "Why is there so much weird crap being sold on this site?"

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  • Tyler DeitzTyler Deitz, 8 years ago (edited 8 years ago )

    Looks like the frontend devs really perfed the scrolling performance. This page is like one of the smoothest pages with animations I've seen!!

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    • Andreas Ubbe Dall, 8 years ago

      Yeah just wanted to second this, huge props to the front end devs, it's such a smooth site, even with it's various effects.

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  • Merel Backers, 8 years ago

    Nice. I especially dig the copy :-)

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  • Jeremy TreudenJeremy Treuden, 8 years ago

    What would be sweet (albeit ultimately unnecessary) would be that when you click on the Apple and Android icons in the upper right, the entire page switches the phones and interfaces depending on what system you selected. I really didn't think this idea through any further or longer than it took me to type this... just a quick, weird ides that popped into my head.

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  • Hans van de BruggenHans van de Bruggen, 8 years ago

    Love this style.

    I also love that they went cross-platform with their layout, though I think it's a shame they went with a hamburger menu. Smart to put search front and center.

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  • Alfonse SurigaoAlfonse Surigao, 8 years ago

    One of the only sites that made scroll-jacking "tolerable".

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