Ask DN: Who's on Beme?

8 years ago from , Director

I recently got access to Beme, I think it's an interesting concept; however there is barely anyone I know on it yet... So I thought I'd see who's got access on DN!

I'm jasonfuller add me and I'll follow you back too!


  • wojtek w.wojtek w., 8 years ago

    To anyone that also has no clue what Beme is:

    Beme is a hugely ambitious video-sharing platform founded by Casey Neistat and the former head of engineering at Tumblr, Matt Hackett. We’ve spent the last year stretching the limits of camera and mobile technology in ways people, including those at Apple itself, have never seen before. Firm believers that less is always more, we’re designing a product that aims to be ruggedly simple.


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  • Carlos SousaCarlos Sousa, 8 years ago

    Never heard about it until now... love the idea. Pretty cool and more down to earth than all of those other (facebook) social media personas we create.

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