• Brian BehrendBrian Behrend, 8 years ago

    Not sure of the need for this? Why would you need to be carrying an Apple Watch charger around in your pocket? The battery lasts almost 2 days in normal use.

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  • Trev MorrisTrev Morris, 8 years ago

    This does looks pretty neat, but I'd most likely lose the thing. Would be great to see a render with it in use.

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  • Riho KrollRiho Kroll, 8 years ago

    Really missing a picture in context of the watch and a computer. What does it actually look like in use?

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  • Arjun PenemetsaArjun Penemetsa, 8 years ago

    Awesome design. This would be a great kickstarter project.

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  • Jasper Willemsen, 8 years ago

    Wouldn't this break your usb port with the weight of the watch...

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    • Cody SanfilippoCody Sanfilippo, 8 years ago

      The heaviest an Apple Watch gets is 120g, and that's assuming the Watch is made of rose gold. So if you're buying a $12,000 Apple Watch, I think you can also afford to reinforce your USB port (not that you would have to at 120g anyway).

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  • Julian LengfelderJulian Lengfelder, 8 years ago (edited 8 years ago )

    10/10 would buy.

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