In the quest of the right workflow using a Neat Bourbon grid.

8 years ago from , Product designer at Glose

Always trying to be more efficient and help the developper's work, we try at my company to find better workflows, specially on how to build a consistant responsive grid. Here is why I directly speak about Neat Bourbon in the title of this post. I am certainly excited to use it for our next project and now I wonder what would be the best way to think with it.

There are two questions here for two situations. How do you use it when the website is already designed and it is time to focus on the others view sizes than desktop. Naturally - while Neat Bourbon is so 'neat' (ahah) and trustable - I would think to start by implementing the desktop version before even starting thinking about the others views, and then tinkering exceptions for mobile and tablet views where it is really needed.

OR, doing it the the way I have been taught, setting the grid very early in the project - or at least the earliest - trying anyways to figure out where et what could become problems in every viewport.

Anyways, thoughts? Hope it is intelligible.