Ask DN: El Capitan, does it work with sketch, ps, etc?

over 5 years ago from , Designer

I have been wanting to download the current version of the el capitan beta and I was wondering if anyone had been experiencing problems with any apps that might hurt my workflow like sketch and photoshop?


  • Kushagra Agarwal, over 5 years ago (edited over 5 years ago )

    I am currently using the El Capitan beta on my main machine and everything works great (except SteelSeries Engine fails to detect my siberia—but it works). Sketch, Photoshop and every other Adobe CC app works without any issues.

    However I would suggest you install it in some other partition, check if the apps work, and then upgrade your main OS. It's pretty cool :)

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  • Thomas PalumboThomas Palumbo, over 5 years ago

    Don't do it man. These beta's are cool but never a good idea to put on your main machine.

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