• Conjure.io Henry, 6 years ago

    Thanks for sharing Mathias :)

    I'm interested to know: given the form factor limitations of wearables such as the Pebble, how much extra, if any functionality, do you think you could add to this app?

    Obviously you were thinking of this when building the app, I'm just curious to see how far out you think you could push the functionality for such a device beyond reading tickets and marking them as read/solved :)

    I'm fascinated by the potential for wearables, but as you know, the form factor can presents limitations!

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    • Mathias Placho, 6 years ago

      Hi Henry and thanks for your comment!

      The limitation of the screen isn't such a big deal. It is big enough to show almost the entire system logic behind Groove and I could think of many additional functions.

      The main challenge is to find jobs you actually want to do on your wrist – jobs that make sense to be done on that kind of device. So I believe that the primary task is to reduce functionality.

      In case of Groove for Pebble I've implemented the entire mailbox>folder>ticket structure only to recognize that it doesn't make sense to view e.g. your spam folder or your closed tickets. So I decided to completely discard it and only show unread and open tickets and add the possibility to mark them as read or even close them.

      Hope that answers your questions :)

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