Ask DN: Examples of well designed payment centers?

6 years ago from , Interactive ACD at Publicis Hawkeye

I'm working on a payment center for a financial institution, and we're entering the visual design phase. I'm wondering, are they're good examples of online payment centers/bill pay? I was trying to look through pattern tap, but to no avail. Examples I've looked at so far are my own bill payments (student loans, personal banks, etc)Thoughts?


  • Tim GaleTim Gale, 6 years ago

    I recommend you see Stripe in action. Strong visual design and a great example of how seamless online payments can be.

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  • Hai Le, 6 years ago

    I really like Square's design when it comes to money. It's very no-nonsense, and the interfaces are all very clean and simple. They have a lot of products, too, so you can probably get quite a few different examples from them.

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