Complete is shutting down

over 5 years ago from , glasses, hashes, and a splash of bourbon. dev/design at naritiv.

Another very well-designed app, shutting down. Seems like they didn't find a large enough userbase.

Here's the complete email: "Hey there,

Today, I come bearing some bad news. Complete will be shutting down two weeks from today.

Complete was built with a vision that, with the right platform, a social network can be a place where our collective intelligence and experience powers us beyond the capabilities of an individual. We believed that a digital community could be fueled by human empathy and goodwill. While we did not prove that in the quantity necessary to continue on, we most certainly did in quality.

I want to thank you for being part of the Complete community. You collectively inspired our team on a daily basis and made our late nights much easier knowing we were working on a product that prompted such positivity.

If I learned anything through this process, it is that we consistently underestimate how often human beings are willing to help one another. Even when it appears there is nothing to be personally gained, people will invest their time and effort for the simple satisfaction of helping someone progress towards their goal.

While Complete may no longer be around, the sentiment that spawned the network remains true and is something we can all carry forward. Continue sharing the wealth of information you possess and continue reaching out to others when you need information and motivation.

Continue achieving together.

Xander Schultz @xanderschultz"