• Kyle GillenKyle Gillen, over 5 years ago

    "The Brazilian team needs a new brand. And changing the brand doesn't mean only changing the logo, but changing the perception that people have towards the [CFB]"

    Firstly, the Brazilian team doesn't need a new brand. I live here, nobody's talking about how shoddy the package is, they're talking about the substance.

    Secondly, even if they did require a rebranding - this isn't the rebranding they require. The changes made to the type & mark here, in my opinion, are a step backwards.

    The original mark feels fresh, it feels dynamic, it's bright - it feels like today's Brasil.

    The redesign feels steeped in antiquity, it feels like Brazil ~30 – 40 years ago. It feels gaudy. The stroke around the lettering makes it hard to read. The new typeface is at odds with the mark: the addition of the pseudo 'brass' coloured stroke throughout the mark, which adds a semblance of patina to it, accompanied with this modern typeface is conflicting. And adding the strike around the type? More so.

    Though bold rebrands tend to get all the attention, it takes a huge amount of restraint and skill to subtly refine an existing mark and add to it something positive that wasn't there before. To me, this isn't an example of that.

    Brazil is a country where the people talk about wanting to move forward. I can't see any application where this altered mark is the better choice of the two.

    Also, far too many words and not enough illustration for a branding exercise. Perhaps I'm being critical, but design is what we're here for, ey.

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